Saturday, January 10, 2009

To do and how to do...

...that is the question. Mind is full of surprises and it astonishes me to see how my mind is working these days. There is rush of feelings and emotions which erodes my laid back attitude. The only thing is if I am able to live up to this high rush in me. 

I always think I will upset myself by not crossing that thin line which will alienate me from what I am with what I want to be. 

Looking for a job is taken as a challenge. It is interesting to see how I take this as a challenge always. I did that for Shubhi, I did that last year and I am trying to be at it again. 

Let us hope to get things in place soon.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Last Day at Citrix

15th July 2007: I landed in the US for the first time soon after my marriage with my high school sweetheart Priyendra.

Nov, 2007: I got my EAD (Employment Authorization Document) and I was free to work anywhere till the time Priyendra would be employed with Google :)

Nov mid- Dec end, 2007: I frantically looked for jobs. I posted my resume on all the job sites. I called up Consultants. I also got my Resume reviewed. In the meantime, I applied for Masters in Computer Science in Santa Clara University as I did not want to go anywhere away from home.
I came to the US after quitting my work with Infosys where I worked for about 1.5 years.

In the meantime Priyendra told me to start with Open university at SCU. I wanted to not leave hope and look for jobs too :)
So one day at one of the Indian stores I saw an ad for Silicon India Job Fair. I thought this is a good opportunity for me to go to one. Priyendra was not very optimistic about it as he thought I needed more work experience or a Masters degree in hand but as he is ....always supportive in all my decisions...we went. I submitted my resume and forgot about it.

Dec end 2007: Evan Miller (my exceptionally good manager) called me up. He told me he was looking for an intern. I thought I just needed one break. I jumped at the offer and took it.

Dec2007-Jan 2008: I was interviewed by Evan Miller, Lena, Venkat, Ivan, Andrei and Marat and finally I got the internship and I was a part of the Citrix Fraternity on 14th Jan.

When good things happen, they all happen at the same time :)
I got admission in SCU. I started both studies and work together.

Today when I look back, I feel so happy and satisfied with what all I did in the company. My manager gave me the visibility in the company and today I know so many people outside my group too. I have made a foundation for myself and I feel proud of it.

I hope to meet all my fellow Citrites soon and never leave touch with my dear friends I made for life here.

Lastly I would want to give a special thanks to Alena. Office life with her was great fun :)
Will always be in touch and never leave you!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Diwali is over..

Last week was fun and extremely hectic.
It was fun and full of lights because of Diwali. We had a nice time playing cards at the Shankars.
On Sunday, two days before Diwali, I put Ganesh and lakshmi jee in the living room and would light the diya and offer prayers for the entire week. We put up the decorative lights on the Diwali itself after I got back from my Networks class :)
I wore my engagement lehanga. Now this is the fourth time I wore it so I believe it has been well utilised for now. Ahhhhhhhh what about my Wedding lehanga :( when can I wear that next :(
Well well...I have drifted from the main topic. So Diwali was good fun.

Now on the other hand I had two mid terms, two assignment submissions and one project submission in that same week!!!!!!!!!!!! Am I not a super woman :) I came out of that week victorious :)

This weekend we watched two movies too. Golmaal Returns and Fashion. Both were simply drags.
Sunday we visited Amit and Shilpa Singhal and Sriram and his wife to wish them Diwali. It was a nice Sunday spent. After a long time it was only me and Priyendra :)
Amit had a nice barbecue set up and he made corns for us. Nice!

This week started with a bang too with assignments and projects and a mid term on Friday.
Alena asked me some time back  on hwat my plans are for the weekend. I almost screeched and said...weekend is still faraway da!

Hopefully I will win over such heavy situations and be able to manage my work, studies and home well.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Gruesome Violence

Last night I heard about one of the most inhuman and gruesome case of violence done to a 3 year old girl in NZ. I am still wondering whether they were the girl's parents and if they were then how could they be so beastly and barbaric. Did they not even think once before churning her into a laundry dryer or hitting her hard on her forehead? Did the thought of hell not cross their minds once before letting her die with blood pouring out from her mouth? What did they want from the little girl.

Well on my side...I have two midterms coming up next week. I was busy finishing the IDL calculator in CSP this weekend. I have been studying Networks too.

This weekend was fun...bachelor's party for Diwaker, Steve and Shreyas, Shradha and Ramesh's house warming party and movie. On the whole a good and satisfying weekend.

This week I should be done with most of my studies (hopefully) so that we can enjoy the weekend too. This Sunday is Priyendra's bday. I do not think we have much plans for it yet. Let us see how it turns out to be this year. Last year was a lot of fun though.

I am so used to this schedule of mine that I cannot think what my life would be after studies. It would be so plain and bland..haha...feels like I have been studying since eternity.

Just spoke to Neha Rastogi and she shares my opinion. I wish I could share my chat with her, with all of you but.....anyways..I think I better get back to work.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Surprise gift on the 11th day..

Shutterfly zindabad!!!!

Asim helped me keep the gift in Google for him. He was thrilled to receive the gift.
There was a screensaver saying "11 days to go" too :)

I wish I had captured his reaction in my camera that day!!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Armaan growing up...

It is surprising to watch Armaan grow up. He has been looking different to us daily. His expressions and looks are so different in every picture that I see.
He looks so much like Ishaan now. Mummy tells me he smiles and tries to talk as well.

Both my little ones are in India right now. Hope they enjoy!
God Bless!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A happy and satisfying weekend

I had a nice weekend after an insane and batty week. Friday was mostly with friends watching cricket at Priyanka's place. Saturday was great fun when all three of us went out shopping.
Today we mostly relaxed.
Now I am having a migraine ache and so just chilling again. Was reading a lot of stuff right now.
One phrase that I came across was "baby boomer" I did not know till some time back what it meant. It is a phrase used to describe people born post World war II. You could read the wiki
Last night I also watched a video on Ted. This was about a parrot who has a vocabulary of about 200 words and can speak many things. It was christened Einstein :)
Einstein is an african grey parrot and can impersonate a spaceship and a monkey. Cool na!!!
I think I should sign off before my ache reaches limits!!!!